[Discover]: NFTs as Creative Investments – with Decentricity from Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia | S01E11

Everyone is trying to draw analogies from the art world of the past to the
world we’re now entering. Ostentation is one of the reasons people might collect NFTs, but it’s not just the speculative value, or being ostentatious about being an owner. Increasingly over time, I think, owners of NFTs will start to realize more and more sort of compounding utility as developers build new spaces for you to bring your digital property. For example, today you can buy a piece of digital art as an NFT and you can bring it into a virtual world like Cryptovoxels or Decentraland and display it there. Our guest Decentricty explains all of this and more right here.

In this episode we will start discovering the world of blockchain with NFT’s – Non Fungible Tokens. Decentricity explains all about her professional blockchain experience which involves being a NFT curator in a blockchain based art gallery. DAMN GIRL! And, for the ones who like controversy, her community burned a Picasso yes the painting, burned with FIRE) and turned it into an NFT. Not to destroy it, but to bring the Picasso painting into an immortal Metaverse. Ready?

Where can you find out more about Decentricity? You can go to her website: https://www.decentri.city/ and follow her on Twitter & Instagram [@decentricity].

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